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      This is the 21st century: the Internet, electronics, and all sorts of gadgets have become part of the everyday lives of Seakings. However, social media sites and other online sources are now also being used inside the classroom to help students learn and retain new information.

      Although there have been many ups and downs to the utilization of technology in the classroom, most believe that these positives greatly outweigh any negatives. AP English teacher, Ms. Damon, emphasizes the usage of technology in her classroom because she believes technology is part of “[our] world” and we need to learn to use it. Ms. Damon uses a variety of applications and websites, however she claims,  “I really like Socrative”…it allows students to answer multiple choice [quizzes] from their telephone”. Socrative is an application which allows teachers to give students quizzes via smartphone. And through this application this Ms. Damon is able to obtain instantaneous results regarding how the class is doing as a whole and individually on a variety of subject matters.  Technology is beneficial “on one hand it makes my job easier because…it makes everything easier to change on the fly,” Ms. Damon announced,  “secondly, I can usually share it with kids easier and instantaneously.” Speed is also a critical component to the usage of technology inside the classroom; technology saves time in the classroom by creating an efficient atmosphere where class materials are able to appear by the touch of a button.

        Many students are also happy with the technology integration. The use of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and applications are already used by teens everyday. This familiarity intertwining with education creates an environment where students can actively learn and participate. Not only is technology helping to educate seakings, it also “makes it easier to communicate with the teacher,” states junior, Noah Feingold, “some of my teachers send out constant text messages” which remind and update students about homework, tests, and various activities.

        Although most believe that technology is for the better, others are having a hard time with the adjustment. Learning to use various technology and sites have been a transition, even for students, “I never used twitter or had a twitter account previously, however now that some of my teachers are using it as a way to communicate with us I have to check it regularly,” explains junior, Monica Mehra, “I like the integration of technology but I tend to forget to check all of my social media sites and applications for educational reasons. Overall, I definently believe that the integration of technology is important in the classroom and it is just going to be something I will get used to.” However, Monica isn’t the only seaking who is having a tough time with these new technological advances. Teachers are still continuing to transition to use more technological devices.  Taking quizzes with clickers or on phones, and making mini videos to help students learn have been quite a hassle to figure out, “It’s tough to learn, its time consuming to learn…[but] it’s worth it,” Ms. Damon proclaims.

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      Technology at our school is new and exciting. It also has impacted the students in a positive way, so hopefully it will continue emerging in classrooms around PV High.