Walther Won’t Falter

A glimpse into the life of PVHS icon Grant Walther

Lucia Ruiz, Editor-in-Chief

“You’re the man, Grant!” campus security guard Coach exclaimed, zooming past our interview in the golf cart.

Senior Grant Walther is The Man, two-time Scholar Quiz champion, Model United Nations Secretary General, Mock Trial attorney, Boys State , and the list goes on. Walther, also known as G-Money, has also been described as “brilliant,” “funny,” and “outgoing,” according to Associate Principal Dane Hill.

“He’s eager to learn,” Hill said. “He’s constantly on a quest for knowledge.”

Of course, Walther could not have won the 2022 and 2023 Scholar Quizzes without this hunger for knowledge and 10 hour “Jeopardy!” binge the night before. Walther’s academic excellence is obvious, but he also has a secret talent.

“I’ve heard Grant is quite the dancer,” Hill said.

What an understatement. Walther says that his favorite style of dance is “80’s dad’s moves that your dad breaks out at every wedding.” 

“I can get down on the ground, I can spin around a little bit,” Walther said. “It’s harder getting up, but I can get down there.”

When asked what animal would best describe him, Walther didn’t have an answer. Instead, self-proclaimed best friend and senior Marielle Sandler spoke up. 

“Orangutan,” Sandler said, “because it’s fun-loving, wise, and kind of underrated.”

Another friend of Walther, senior Kieran Kearns, feels similarly.

“He’s very intelligent, but he’s also always the most fun to have in the room,” Kearns said. “He’s always down for a good sing-along [or] dance. Party Grant is my favorite.”

“Party Grant” is a term of endearment coined by his peers to describe the side of Walther that comes out after he studies on the weekends. 

“Party Grant knows all the words to all the popular songs,” Kearns said. “He can boogie. He can boogie a lot. He’s very famous for his Prom and Formal exploits on the dance floor. He doesn’t come out all the time, but everyone loves Party Grant.”

However, Walther hasn’t always been the friendly and animated person everyone knows and loves. 

“I had him as a freshman and he was squeaky-voiced, a little more introverted at the time,” Hill said. “Then I [taught] him again as a junior and he was a totally different person. He came out of his shell and became a lot more confident and outgoing.” 

Now a senior, Walther is preparing to spend his next four years studying government at the University of Texas at Austin. 

“He’s got a lot going for him,” Hill said. “I’ve seen him grow a lot these past few years and I’m excited to see what he accomplishes.”

Q: Any tips for future Scholar Quizzers?

A: Know your strengths. I was horrible at math, so I surrounded myself with math geniuses.

Q: How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

A: First, I would try to find my family. If I couldn’t find them, I’d find a big grocery store and just lock myself inside.

Q: What if the zombies could make it inside? 

A: Well, then I’m dead. I’d just accept my fate.

Q: Spotify or Apple Music?

A: Apple Music. I don’t understand the argument. My family has a sharing plan so I just use that. My parents are already paying for it so I might as well use it. 

Q: What animal would you choose to be?

A: Bald eagle. No question. So I could fly. Plus, America.

Q: How many unopened emails do you have right now?

A: Yikes. 14,270 unopened emails. 

Q: What would you do with 1 million dollars?

A: I’d invest it immediately.

Q: If you were a brand, what would your motto be?

A: I feel like I am my own brand at this point. But it’s got to be “The King of Money”