What is the Human Rights Coalition?

Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor

The Human Rights Coalition at PVHS was formed many years ago in order to bring together various clubs, all with the objective of encouraging diversity and supporting the fight against discrimination. 

The Human Rights Coalition consists of the Latin American Student Association (LASA), Black Student Union (BSU), Middle-Eastern Student Union (MESU), Coalition for Advancement of Rights and Equality (CARE), Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), and Palos Verdes Organization of Women (PVOW). 

“I am a member of all six, and I’m co-president of GSA,” senior Audrey Munro said. “Overall, all of the clubs just want to promote inclusivity and diversity on campus.” 

“I think it’s great, if we can keep on adding [clubs] because it makes us more diverse, covering a wider range,” Munro said.

This year, two new clubs were created. The Human Rights Coalition expanded in order to include Latin American students and Middle Eastern students, creating LASA and MESU. 

Regardless of what club students are participating in, everyone will occasionally attend Human Rights Coalition meetings to form meaningful bonds between supporters of various minority groups.

On Dec. 6, the Human Rights Coalition hosted a cookie decorating party in the MPR that anyone was welcome to attend, providing a fun and unique way to get people involved as a group. 

“I’m a member of all the clubs, but I’m president of PVOW,” senior Ella Brinderson said. 

“Our goal is to create a bigger group on campus of people who want to see change, and also have a passion for human rights and getting more done.”

“Specifically with PVOW, we are working on a few projects,” Brinderson said. 

“One [project we are currently working on] is getting feminine hygiene care products in the bathroom. It might be harder to get our goal done [if we work alone] than if we work together as a whole club. We’ve been thinking about having all the presidents of the clubs go to a school board meeting [to make this happen].”

“People who have a passion for activism should definitely join HRC to help create a more inclusive environment on the PVHS campus,” Brinderson said.