From Touchdowns to Theater

Josh Munoz’s journey to acting


Josh Munoz (left) performs in “One Man, Two Guvnors” alongside senior Neela David. (Photo courtesy of Josh Munoz)

Having been a football star for the majority of his high school career, theater would seem to be the last place that senior Josh Munoz would fit in. 

Though Munoz definitely made good memories with the football team, he realized that his true passion wasn’t on the field, but instead on stage under the spotlight. 

After making his acting debut in PVHS’s fall play, “One Man, Two Guvnors,” Munoz rediscovered a longstanding passion: acting. 

As a senior, Munoz finally felt inspired and had the confidence to branch out and explore the possibility of theater. 

“I’ve always wanted to become an actor, so I followed that passion. I also figured out that football was just not the sport for me and I wanted to try something that I had a real passion for,” Munoz said.

Although Munoz has only recently started experimenting with the facets of his longtime interest, he hopes his high school debut will pave the way for a professional career.

“I definitely want to become a professional actor and do any sort of entertainment because that’s what I love doing. I hope I become successful at it and am able to be at the very top of my craft,” Munoz said.

Munoz shared that his favorite part of his involvement in the play was “being able to join the amazing drama family and make tons of new friends.” 

“I love every single one of them,” Munoz said.

From just one show, Munoz has already learned his fair share of valuable lessons that he will take with him for the rest of his high school career and beyond. 

“I learned that I could do a lot more things without being scared or nervous, and I will continue to keep learning more about myself as time goes on as a theater person.”

Though he joined the drama department later than he had hoped, Munoz remains positive in starting “better late than never.”   

His first show is just the beginning, for Munoz has found a whole new family within the drama department, all of which has been very supportive of his new endeavors and are excited to see where his growing talent takes him.