Rising Star-lings

Sierra Namvari, Photo Editor

The number of students with exceptional talent at our school have proven time and time again to impress crowds. 

Starting in late December 2021, juniors Cate Fasoletti, Eva Mayrose, Pixie Kinsolving and Calissa Mayer, along with senior Eden Paddock, created the band “The Starlings.”

“Cate came up with our name because it’s in the song ‘White Room’ by Cream,” Kinsolving said.

Fasoletti and Kinsolving both play the electric guitar, switching off with rhythm and lead. In addition, Kinsolving shares main vocals with keyboard player Mayrose. Mayer plays the bass while Paddock plays the drums. 

“The band came from a mixture of inspirations,” Fasoletti said. “I wanted to play the music of all the bands I love and I felt inspired by being in an environment of other musicians at school.”

They mostly play covers and are in the early stages of creating their own unique sound while mainly rehearsing here on campus in the music rooms. The girl group performs mainly 60’s and 70’s music and takes inspiration from The Beatles, The Knee Hi’s, The Doors as well as 50s doo-wop and rock n’ roll. 

“I started playing the bass when Pixie asked me to be in the band, because I usually play the acoustic guitar, so it’s kind of a big change so far,” Mayer said.

The band just had their first live performance at school during the Remember the Tritons Walk that was held on Feb. 18. Their second performance took place at the Palos Verdes High School Honors Recital last Friday Feb. 25. 

“We decided to perform at the recital after our first gig in order to become more comfortable playing for other people and to improve our skills,” Fasoletti explained. 

Keep an eye out for “The Starlings” performances as they continue their passion together.