One Hill, One Voice


(Photo courtesy of Asha Timm)

Sophie Stoddart, Reporter

The One Hill Project (OHP) is a student-run group that connects students with the PVPUSD Board of Education. The group consists of students from Palos Verdes High School, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School and Rancho Del Mar High School. 

The group meets every month to discuss various topics and issues on campus. The One Hill Project is run by the members from each school. 

“Superintendent Dr. Cherniss attends a few of the meetings as well, and hears our input on these topics,” Student Board Representative and PVHS senior Asha Timm said. 

“Then we present what we discussed at the One Hill Project meetings at the biweekly Board of Education meetings, and discuss solutions to the issues we presented.”

Each member of the student board has specific and unique tasks.  

“My job is to maintain contact with the OHP members, organizing meetings, dates, times, locations, leading the meetings and presenting what we discussed with the Board of Education,” Timm said.

The members of the OHP are incredibly passionate about connecting students with the Board of Education, and want to make sure the voices of the student body are heard.

“Many of the voices behind the district are those of adults and it creates a large impact when students speak up about issues they see within the district,” Timm said. “The board likes to hear from students because we are the ones who attend school everyday and they appreciate the feedback we give.”