Personality or Placebo?


Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor

Our generation has created new ways to understand and categorize people’s personalities based on just tests or birthdays. While some people do not believe in zodiac signs or MBTI types, other people mold their personalities around these judgments on their character. 

Zodiac signs include sun, rising and moon signs. Your sun sign represents your personality. Rising sign is how you appear to other people. Moon sign is how you react emotionally on the inside.

“Personally, I’m a Gemini and that says a lot about me. I think it’s cool to know your sign because, for example, your moon sign shows your emotional side and that’s cool to know about other people and it tells us about them,” junior Grace Gulcher said.

“I’m an Aries, and I heard they are an angry sign,” junior Brynn Ottolia said. “I don’t feel like I am, but by the way I make decisions and maybe react to things, I can tell how I might relate to an Aries.”

There are also 16 MBTI personality types. Each one represents a different group of people, based off of a test. In the simplest of terms, they categorize people into traits of leaders, artistic, enthusiastic, creative, smart, organized, entertaining, shy, caring and many more. 

“I believe in the MBTI test a lot,” Ottolia said. “I’m an ENFJ, which makes a lot of sense with my personality.”