How Students Invest at PVHS


Graphic by Aidan Sun

Aaron Paik, Reporter

With the rise of cryptocurrency and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), according to many Sea Kings, now is the perfect time for teenagers to start investing. 

“I started investing last year in March,” sophomore Hugo Wayner said. “I felt like it was a good time to start making money without even working.” 

Many in their youth have already taken advantage of lucrative investments in the past two years. 

When COVID-19 struck the planet, many were concerned about their income during lockdown as many were unable to work. This led to many pouring money into stocks and crypto, evidently ending the “Recession of 2020.” 

For the first time investors in 2020, a large percentage were teenagers. Plenty of new investors invested in stocks such as Amazon, Gamestop and AMC, and were excited to see such a quick profit in such little time. Despite what many people believed was a trend, cryptocurrency has proven its worth in long term investments. 

“So far, I have made profit, and I am happy with the trending direction of younger investors,” Wayner said. “I am also excited to see how far crypto goes because I am currently invested.”

Even here at Palos Verdes High School, many students have decided that it is an optimal time to start investing. 

“I started [investing] on July 22 of this year,” sophomore Jadon Watts. “I began to put my money into the stock market because I viewed it as profitable, and very convenient. This worked out though, because I was able to make a decent profit despite the short time of investing. I think it is a positive thing that investors are becoming younger and younger; however, I think it will be harder for these young investors to understand work ethic.”