Calvin Barnum: Triple Threat


Meeka Rahimi, Reporter

Senior Calvin Barnum is everywhere: leading Tradewinds meetings, swimming in the pool, and conducting the band. Chances are you’ve seen him on campus or at games, but how did he get to be such a triple threat?


Q: How did you get into poetry?

A: I got into poetry because I took Ms. Pavelka’s English 2H class and learned that she taught the poetry class. I really loved how Ms. Pavelka taught a class and pulled the best out of her students.


Q: Why do you enjoy poetry?

A: I think I really got into poetry last year when I just sat down and experimented with putting some experiences onto the paper. I remember really loving the way I could spend a couple hours and weave together 10 lines that carried like five pages of meaning, and it’s been a way I process my emotions ever since.I definitely channel any hardship I’m experiencing. This is what feels the most natural to write, probably because it feels best to get that out of my system. 


Q: What do you enjoy most about swim team?

A: I think a deeper reason I enjoy being on the swim team is the mental health benefit. Swimming has been unparalleled in that I can get into the pool and whatever was on my mind will be pushed out so that I can focus on the workout. It’s amazing for managing stress and shifting my perspective from “I’m behind on X number of deadlines” to “Okay, what’s next on the to-do list?” 


Q: What do you enjoy most about being a drum major?

A: I most enjoy when the students play a song really well. We’ll get these moments in the stands or on the field when a phrase we’ve struggled with for a while sounds amazing, and the look on their faces is fantastic. They get really into the music and start dancing while they’re playing, and the moment just ingrains itself in my head.