Supporting the Seniors

The CCC provides students with a plethora of college admissions resources.

Naomi Gan, Reporter

Many seniors on campus are entering the thick of college application season and, thanks to the CCC, have access to various resources to guide them through this stressful time.

The College and Career Center, better known as the CCC, is a valuable support system for PVHS students to utilize; particularly for seniors, it serves as a cornerstone for college application and post-highschool planning.

Joanne Lewis, director of the CCC, knew seniors applying to college were going to face a huge learning curve this year with so many universities changing their admissions policies due to the pandemic.

In light of this, the CCC is hosting a College Application Crash Course and an Essential College Knowledge presentation series, which will run through October.

“We will continue to innovate and provide one-to-one meetings with students and parents, webinars, panel discussions, college visits and whatever else we can to assist our students,” Lewis said.

The CCC’s new virtual series, which features highly applied-to colleges and allows students to have conversations with admissions representatives, has been very well received.

In addition to the various resources offered, the CCC provides advice to seniors.

“Students need to get motivated, organized and focus on college application deadlines and details,” Lewis said.

“There’s really a lot of reflection, research and writing that needs to happen.”

Not only does the CCC help seniors actually craft their applications, but they also aid students in deciding where to apply, looking at potential majors and exploring financial aid options.

“The CCC has helped me immensely this year in the college app process,” senior Zoe Dearborn.

“I have had some formal meetings with Mrs. Lewis to help decide where to apply and I have also dropped in the CCC without an appointment for quick questions and check-ins to make sure I am on the right track.”

The CCC is truly considered an asset in the Sea King community and is vital in ensuring no student falls through the cracks.

“Mrs. Lewis is brilliant and the CCC is an excellent resource for finding what your plan is after high school,” Dearborn said.