Sea Kings’ Fall Traditions

Meeka Rahimi, Reporter

Reporter Meeka Rahimi checked in with the freshman class to see what they look forward to doing most in the fall season.

Genesis Rodriguez loves decorating her house with her mom. This family tradition started when she lived in El Salvador. “It makes me feel, well, connected and to fall and makes me happy,” she said.

Demain Bruno’s favorite tradition is going to Nicaragua with his family every fall, mostly because he “loves to surf the waves there.”

Beth Brooks says out of all her fall traditions her favorite tradition is  “friendsgiving” because she can “be herself around people I am most thankful for.”

Reese Lynch and his family have had a pie baking competition for over 20 years. They invite about 50-70 people over to their house to start the competition. He says his favorite thing about it is “eating all the pies at the end.”