“Live from 205” Receives Its Own Breaking News

Executive Producer and Advisor Rene Vela Accepts New Job at Chino Hills High School


(From left to right) Live from 205’s sports photographer and editor Erik Gressett, sports anchor Jamie Robertson, executive producer Rene Vela, reporter Ben Jorgensen and anchor Isabella Firmani take a final photo together. Photo courtesy of Isabella Firmani

Isabella Firmani, Reporter

On Sunday, Sept. 12, “Live From 205” students, as well as the rest of the school, were hit with news that would quickly shift the entire production of their program. Rene Vela, the founder and Executive Producer of “Live From 205,” had accepted a job as Assistant Principal at Bellflower High School.

“About three years ago [my husband and I] purchased a home in Chino Hills with the goal of eventually moving there full time and pursuing my goal of becoming an administrator,” Vela said in his email to students and faculty that Sunday morning.

Though he was anticipating the move for a while, the interview process for the position was a lengthy one and he was still going through the application as school began in late August.

However, once notified about the job, Vela had just a few days to close one chapter of his life and open up a new one.

The next Monday morning, he would be in his new office 27 miles away from the all-so-familiar home of PVHS. For both Vela and his students, this transition came with many emotions.

“It is a hard adjustment,” senior and sports anchor Jamie Robertson said. “But ultimately I know we are all really proud of Mr. Vela for following what he wants to do.”

This is a feeling many of his students relate to, knowing that despite how much they will miss him, the opportunity is one he can’t let pass him by.

As for “Live From 205,” many Sea Kings were left wondering what would happen to the biweekly shows scheduled for Tuesday and Friday mornings, but Vela remained confident that his students would succeed even without him there to guide them.

“I am leaving this program in good hands,” Vela said.

“That helps me sleep better at night.”

Vela assured his students he will always be one GroupMe away for anything they may need but has no doubts when it comes to the ability of those in “Live From 205.” Leaders of the program feel the same way.

“We really have no plans of stopping,” senior and 205 director Michael Sprengel said.

“The team is really motivated to keep producing shows and we look forward to making Mr. Vela proud from his new school.”

Despite the obstacles they may face and adjustments they may have to make, the 205 students welcome the challenge with open arms.

They plan to work as hard as they can to ensure the program stays running at its usual award-winning level and remain hopeful knowing that they have the love and support from teachers, students and administrators all throughout the PVPUSD.