Motivational Tips and Tricks

With AP tests and finals coming up this month, it’s safe to say that students are more stressed than ever.  

Even without the added stress of the pandemic and distance learning, students are still burdened with a seemingly never ending cycle of classes, homework, and tests.

Soothing bubble baths and meditative yoga are great ways to combat this stress and anxiety, but motivational tips and advice from fellow students might come in as a close second.  

Junior Jantzen Ebreo says one thing that has helped him get through the school year is doing all his work ahead of time. 

“I would say that you should definitely stay on top of your studies and not procrastinate,” Ebreo said.

“I feel like if you use your time productively, you’ll be able to accomplish so much more and you have less to worry about.”  


As for a better high school experience, Ebreo advises people to get more involved.  

“I think people should definitely get involved in activities and clubs,” Ebreo said.  

“I really missed out on that and I ended up regretting it my freshman and sophomore year. I feel like those years would’ve been more enjoyable if I had started a sport or joined a club.” 

Junior Hannah Goharian says that writing all her goals out and making a plan ahead of time has really helped her in the long run. 

“I would recommend going into high school knowing what you want to accomplish and adjusting your class schedule according to that,” Goharian said.  

“Have a rough plan of what you want to accomplish in high school and get involved early on. Build good relationships with teachers because it’ll really benefit you later on, as they are going to be the ones to write your recommendation letters and help you in the long run.”

Despite how much she has benefited from this, there is one thing Goharian has regretted not doing.  

“I wish I could’ve told my freshman self to relax and enjoy the later years of high school, because it does get a lot more difficult later on,” Goharian said. 

Not procrastinating, getting involved with school activities, and planning your high school experience out ahead of time are just a few tidbits of advice to help our students finish off this tumultuous school year strong. 

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