Zooming to Club Rush and Connection

Frances Stott, Reporter

This year, Club Rush was virtual. Despite these times, club members, students, and staff came together to keep the annual Club Rush alive. 

However, it was very different from previous years, for both the club presidents, and also for students who plan on signing up.

 Each club had its own Zoom meeting. The club presidents had 15 minutes to talk about what their club does. 

After that, anyone who was interested could sign up. 

It was split into four days, with about 12 clubs presenting each day. 

It took a lot of work for a virtual club rush to be set up. 

Activities Director Jama Maxfield was in charge of coordinating Club Rush, along with the club presidents. She and everyone else involved worked extra hard this year to ensure that Club Rush would run smoothly. 

“They did everything virtually so it’s much different. There was no in-person connection or asking people to stop by a table to check anything out,” Maxfield said. 

The Club Rush experience was also very different for club presidents.

 “One of the biggest challenges this year was getting the word out and getting people to join the meetings,” Art Club president, freshman Sophie Sun, said.

“Before, we could probably have put posters up and made morning announcements, but this time because everything was so spread out, students were confused on the times and most people were unaware that Club Rush was even happening.”

Most clubs will meet on a Google Meet or a Zoom call at specific times each week.

Sun’s Art Club is one example. The Art Club meets at lunch every other Monday. 

One of the worst aspects of the school closure is that many students miss the social aspect of school. 

These clubs are a great opportunity for students to meet each other when in-person meetings cannot be held. 

During these times, it can be hard to organize things, especially something as big as Club Rush. 

Despite this, Maxfield, all of the club presidents and club members did an excellent job at organizing and executing Club Rush.