Frances Stott, Reporter

This year, Halloween will be looking a lot different. 

Due to the pandemic the county of Los Angeles was going to “cancel” Halloween, but there was quite a bit of pushback from the community. Many parents were annoyed about this and now trick-or-treating is “highly unrecommended.” Few people will be out, and few people will be handing out candy. 

However, just because most people won’t be out, doesn’t mean people won’t be meeting up with friends. 

As you may know, every year the seniors organize a prank for Halloween. This year, they most likely aren’t going to be able to do that. Although the chances are close to zero, if students do end up going back in the next couple of weeks, would there even be a plan in place? The whole senior year might not be able to organize an entire class prank in time, but they will still be enjoying Halloween on their own. 

“As a whole, I don’t think the senior class will be able to coordinate a school-wide Halloween costume,” senior Cameron Greene said. 

Even if they can’t all be together, they will still be there in spirit. While it is unfortunate that they won’t be able to experience the same things that previous seniors have been able to, they can still enjoy themselves. 

“While they might not be on campus or have those same opportunities, we want them to feel special and be able to celebrate with their friends all of their accomplishments this year,” associate principal Dr. Keely Hafer said. 

The staff are, of course, very supportive of seniors during these tough times. They are going to try and make this year the best for them despite the unusual circumstances. 

While no one will be able to enjoy Halloween like they normally do, the senior year will have to miss out on a one time opportunity. 

Although it is unfortunate that the senior Halloween tradition can’t be carried out as normal, seniors and other students can still make their own traditions this year.