Green Light for Blue Light Glasses

Sierra Namvari, Reporter

Sitting up early in the morning at a computer everyday while trying to log into meetings minutes before they start can be stressful. 

When your vision is too blurry and you are already getting headaches just staring at the bright screen, it can be challenging to stay that way for the rest of the day. 

Online school is a big adjustment for everyone, but one of the main struggles can be managing to stare at a screen for close to six hours everyday, or more. A number of students have seemed to notice this issue, and decided to buy bluelight glasses. 

Bluelight glasses have lenses that repel the blue light coming from your screen whether that may be from your computer, phone, or television. They manage to reduce headaches, eyestrain, glare and have many other benefits. 

“I’ve seen a difference from when I used the glasses, and when I didn’t,” freshman Grace Moore said. 

“I started using them two weeks ago because I started getting eye strain and headaches, and those have definitely gone down. I would… recommend them to anyone who is thinking about getting them,” she said. 

According to LensCrafters, bluelight glasses can be ordered without prescription, or can be built into prescribed glasses. 

“I used to get a lot of headaches this year because all of my school work would be online, but the glasses have really seemed to help fix that for me and make it less stressful,” sophomore Janna Lee said. 

Critics believe that the glasses do not actually have any positive effect, but whether or not that is true, it has been proven to have yellow-tinted lenses to help filter out the blue light. If you find yourself having issues with looking at screens more than usual because of online school, many students recommend using them.