Brass and Class

Heather Bryant, Reporter

Last night on December 10, Jazz Bands 1 and 2, as well as the PVIS Jazz Ensemble, performed in their annual winter concert. 

The PVIS Jazz Ensemble opened with jazz classics including “Freddie Freeloader,” before letting Jazz 1 and 2 get up on stage to play a variety of tunes. 

After the PVIS Jazz ensemble performed their opening set, Jazz 1 got up on stage to play pieces such as “My Little Suede Shoes” and “Santa Baby.”

“I really love Jazz so far. It can be challenging sometimes but it is pretty manageable,” freshman jazz pianist Johannes Eberhart said. 

“I enjoy playing ‘My Little Suede Shoes’ because it transitions from a cool Latin feel to a big band swing feel, and it’s also really fun to improvise on.”

After Jazz 1 performed, Jazz 2 took the stage to play some Christmas favorites and jazz standards, including “I Haven’t Met You Yet,” which featured sophomore Jazz 2 drummer Eden Paddock on vocals.

   “I’ve really been enjoying Jazz 2, and rehearsing for the winter concert has been very fun the past few months,” Paddock said. 

“‘I Haven’t Met You Yet’ is one of my favorite songs we are playing as well, and I’m excited to sing on it.”

The PVIS and PVHS Jazz Bands have been working hard and rehearsing ever since the beginning of the school year.

“Rehearsing all the songs for the show with Jazz 1 has been very fun, especially the song ‘Jericho,’ which is my favorite one we are playing,” freshman Jazz 1 drummer George Steele said. 

After hours of rehearsals, the concert was a satisfying and enjoyable experience for all the students involved.

“I’m always impressed by what my students are able to do in such a short amount of time,” PVHS music teacher, Shellie Parkinson said. 

“These are the best jazz groups I’ve had in a few years, so I think the show was a success.”