New Change, New Year

Sydney Lyle, Reporter

What seemed like a typical year of promposals last year quickly became anything but when a racist slur was broadcasted throughout campus. 

The news was quickly shared throughout social media as students shared their frustrations and concerns regarding the atmosphere at Palos Verdes High School. 

In response to these events, a new club can be seen meeting every Tuesday in room 509. 

By addressing important issues that influence campus, the Black Student Union aims to make positive changes concerning the student body.

What influenced junior Cameron Collier’s interest in the Black Student Union was the support from English teacher Angie Mogilefsky. 

“She [Mogilefsky] wants African Americans to have a place here,” Collier said. 

Collier’s passion for the cause led him to take on the responsibility of being president of the club. 

“The purpose of [Black Student Union] is to promote and increase collaboration among students and to give a voice to African American students,” Collier said. 

This past summer, in hopes of starting the Black Student Union Club on campus, Mogilefsky contacted numerous students. Among the students who were interested was junior Hallie Umrarong.

“Black Student Union is important because it promotes cultural and political awareness,” said Umrarong.

Umrarong shared her excitement about upcoming events BSU hopes to attend this semester.

 “This November, we are hoping to go to the regional Black Student Union conference in Torrance,” said Umrarong.

For those interested in joining, the Black Student Union emphasizes that everyone on campus is welcome.