Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“Working my way up the totem pole in a large technology company like Amazon or Google” – Joey Graziano

“Running my technology company and positively impacting lives around the world” – Sam Mendel

“As a WAG, preferably football, but I’ll settle for baseball” – Lauren Howard

“Back at PV High as a Lawn Supervisor” – Dustin Wescott

“Being cold and doing physics” – Makayla Dixon

“Working for Surfer Mag and traveling the world” – Cameron Nelligan

“Drinking more water” – Tiffany Min

“Hopefully making sustainable clothing” – Madeleine Suh

“Working for a small company I founded “ – Harry Cha 

“Rich” – Ethan Emery

“Working in an NGO” – Austin Ota

“Sitting behind a computer, coding” – Kachi Onyeador

“As a museum curator, hopefully with a doctorate degree” – Mariana DuVernet

“A doctor in Doctors Without Borders” – Maria Fernanda Aguilar Valladares

“Rapper, rolling in cash from my Soundcloud fame” – Maxwell Yee

“I can’t tell the future” – Al Walsh

“Creating music videos and running my own production company” – CJ Collier

“On top of the world with a tailored suit and a pinky ring” – Gino Graziadio

“Working and event planning, music festivals, and married with one kid” – Samantha Spivey