I Would Like to Thank…

“Mrs. Maxfield… has always been there for me to talk about anything and she gives amazing life advice.” – Makena Smith

Ms. Parkinson. . . has given me so many learning and performing opportunities.” – Aloha Komatsu

“Mr. Peterman because he’s funny and a good teacher, and I’ve had such a great time in his class.” – Audrey Powell

“Mrs. Kuhn for teaching me more than just bio.” – Josh LaPine

“Ms. Ruiz has been such an influential person in my life, and if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” – Seren Cho

“I would like to thank Mr. Larkins for supporting me in and outside of class.” – Saki Kishimoto

“Ms. Mogilefsky, thank you for being a great English teacher and helping me with my college essay.” – Lauren Jai

“Ms. Varela, for helping me find a love for Psych and Women’s Studies, and inspiring me to be a teacher.” – Maddy Bohannon

“Ms. Jimenez, she is an amazing teacher and gives great advice.” – Ariana Ahmadi

“Mr. Morales because he is the best teacher and person on this planet.” – Katlyn Karambelas

“Mrs. Munoz. The real MVP.” – Jack Good

“[Ms. Kostrencich is] such an inspiration to everyone, a really good role model, and someone to look up to. ” – Morgan Izuno