How have you changed since freshman year?

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“I was so shy freshman year, and now I’m extremely loud and annoying”- Seren Cho

“I understand much more difficult subjects, I am more independent”- Alec Davis

“I don’t have braces”- Sophie Walter













“Got swole over the years”-Dominik Firmani

“I have gotten more comfortable in my own skin” Zoe Cuyler 







“I have become more confident in myself and more adventurous”- Alexandra Zarchy

“I realized I am not made to do any form of cardio” – Emily Larking

“I have to shave occasionally” – Trey Johnson

“I got more acne and became better at debate”- Alex Chung

“I’ve gained more knowledge and developed leadership skills”- Colin Palmer

“Grew a couple of inches and my hair grew longer”- Alex Taylor

“I am better with time management”- Rodney Buck

“I have learned that life is what you make of it, not what college you go to” – Eden Houske

“I have aged four years” – Pallav Chaturvedi 

“I guess I have a better work ethic, slightly more cynical, less sleep”- Jamie Doo

“I have found my passion and am pursuing it” – Sam Mendel

“I have matured in many ways and stopped caring what others think”- Danica Collins