Your Fashion, Your Style

Emma Conkling, Writer

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    In today’s society, fashion has changed tremendously from polka dots and patterns to crazily high hairstyles. Spring is the happy season leading up to summer. It’s the time to store away our sweatshirts and leggings and bring out our shorts and tops. 

Some of the most popular stores for teens are Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, and Pacsun, where they sell most of these new trends. 

This year fashion designers are trying out some new looks. For accessories, many people are using top handle bags for anytime of the day. Girls also accesorize, which gives them the opportunity to show off their earrings or barrettes. 

Nowadays, lots of earrings are overexpressed with tassels or beads on them to make them pop.

   Model Nikita Mcelroy has always embraced the new fashion trends in photo shoots and or on the runway. 

“I always love to wear some tassels earrings as an accessory either with a pantsuit or a dress to make something of my own stand out. Fashion has always made me embrace my own style and be me.”

   Rectangular and cat eye sunglasses are worn by many models, which appeals to teenage eyes. Freshman Makenna Brannen loves trends like cheetah print, rectangular sunglasses, and chains. 

“I love these trends because it is a great way to be unique and spice up your outfit.” 

Graphic tees are also stylish, and match well with some distressed jeans of any color. 

Now, Spring isn’t Spring without the color yellow. Yellow embodies the whole essence of Spring spirit. Whether it’s on flowy skirts or floral sundresses, yellow plays a significant role in this season’s fashion. 

Floral sundresses are very popular for girls because they show a feminine side with comfortable, pretty fabric. Pastel colors have also always been a popular trend because of the light and sweet colors.   

Another trend that stands out is neon. To make it less intimidating, you can wear some neon accessories to tone it down if you’re not willing to go the whole mile. An example of an accessory would be barrettes to create an accent to your hairstyle. 

Freshman Charley Saalberg said, “Bringing barrettes back is a sweet and fun way to accessorize with cute bows or clips that come in all different shapes and designs.” 

   Fashion will keep thriving and go on for many more generations. It allows us to express ourselves in different types of ways. For many, fashion helps them to describe the unique styles they categorize themselves with. 

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