PVHS Students Shine in SoCal’s Next Biggest Talent Competition

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This year, the San Pedro Fish Market partnered with Von Skye Original, a production company, to produce an online episode called “SoCal’s Next Biggest Talent.” This talent competition allowed for students around Southern California to showcase their talents. Just recently, seniors Kelsie Grant and Jayme Mavar took scholarships home for being one of the top three winners of this competition. Kelsie Grant came in second place and Jayme Mavar in third place. 

Photos by Lauren Jai


The competition guidelines were to simply creating a video about something you love, so it was easy for senior Kelsie Grant to create a video about her passions. 

“I created a video based on the ocean with my GoPro footage and all my videos from traveling. It was a variety of everything. I did some videos of my diving, snorkeling, sailing, and traveling with nature. It was all based around the ocean, but there wasn’t a set thing I picked,” Grant said. 

Creating this video was easy for Grant, as she put together videos she created on her laptop and added a song to it. 

Grant plans to attend the University of Hawaii for the sailing team. From this competition, she won $2000, which she plans to use for her college education. 


Since senior Jayme Mavar was nine years old, she began filming. She has made independent films, music videos, horror, mockumentary, and experimental films. After creating them, she has posted all of them onto her YouTube account. 

Ever since then, she has been filming and plans to have a career in film. Mavar enjoyed her experience creating her film for the talent competition. 

She said, “I wanted to show my talent and put it out there in the world and get noticed.” 

For this competition, she submitted a video of her talking about her passion for filmmaking. 

Mavar plans to attend two years of community college for and transfer to USC’s film school or another California film school.

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