Spreading the Irish Spirit

Emma Conkling, Writer

The Irish American Club was formed a year after teacher Richard Heffernan’s nephew, Sean Heffernan, was killed by a drunk driver in January 2013 of his senior year. Because of this tragedy, the Irish American Club started putting on a yearly event called Sean’s Run.

Due to the amount of work and time the event takes to prepare, Heffernan decided to form a club of people who are interested in the Irish culture and in helping out with Sean’s Run.

Vice President and freshman Makenna Brannen said, “I wanted to be in this club because I want to learn about the Irish culture and help out in Sean’s Run.”

This club means a lot to her because she loves to embrace her Irish heritage and enjoys helping out with Sean’s Run.

Junior president Brittney Brannen added, “I wanted to be a part of the club because I am Irish [and] also because I think Sean’s Run is a great event. I mostly like how it brings people together and it’s fun experiencing another culture.”

The purpose of Sean’s Run is to spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. The money the club members from the Irish American Club collect from the run goes to a scholarship, which any senior can apply for.

Sean’s Run includes a 5k run/walk, a BBQ, and games.

Freshman Julia Nickl said, “I think it’s great that every year we have a day just to dedicate to all of the victims and to celebrate a great cause.”

The Irish American Club’s big goal this year was selling 350 shirts for Sean’s Run and exposing students to the Irish culture.

One way the Irish American Club teaches students about the Irish culture is by playing crossword puzzles and watching videos.

The club members all have certain jobs to help prepare for the run, whether it is setting up posters or promoting on social media. They also sell shirts to whomever wants to come to the Sean’s Run.

The club meets in room 324, which is Mr Heffernan’s classroom. All who wish to join are welcome.