Beneath the Surface of Ms. Hafer

McKinley Pieper, Photo Editor

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Keely Hafer is passionate about her position as Associate Principal for the second year.

Being in a disciplinary position may appear tyrannical, but the reality is that Hafer is compassionate and intent on helping students learn from their mistakes.

“I don’t believe in yelling. I don’t believe in degrading students. I believe in building them up. There are consequences and I am going to follow through because it is my job to hold students accountable. But it is also my job to help students afterward and support them further,” she said.

In addition to overseeing discipline, her secretary, Diane Astiazaran explains that Hafer is in charge of “activities, athletics, attendance, security, maintenance, and technology.”

Astiazaran admires how Hafer has a “passion for getting things done and communicating with the students in a very comfortable way.”

Despite her busy schedule, Astiazaran appreciates “her accessibility for the students anytime they need to see her.”

Principal Dr. Allan Tyner respects Hafer’s impressive ability to synthesize information effectively, identify problems, and present solutions.

“She is very well organized and has excellent communication skills. She does a good job spending time with students and figuring out the core issues of why they are in trouble,” he said.

Hafer comes from a family of educators.

“My mom was a teacher. My grandparents were teachers. My grandfather was a principal. So, I always knew I wanted to be in education. As a little girl, I played school…I loved going into my mom’s classroom and I knew I always wanted to be a teacher. I taught Spanish in high school.”

While she was teaching Spanish, the principal asked her to be the ASB director.

“Everything I love about school is building relationships with students. Being in ASB was another way I could build relationships with students outside my classroom.”

She loved having a leadership role, and this experience inspired her to return to graduate school and obtain a master’s degree in educational administration.

When asked which rules are most often broken at PVHS, Hafer mentions tardiness and vaping.

“We are vigilantly trying as a staff, administration team, as a security team, to address it every single time it gets brought to our attention. We are trying our best to [do] as much as we can.”

Hafer’s advice to Sea Kings is “to be you and do everything!”

She recognizes how social media consumes high school students.

“There is pressure on Snapchat and social media. Everyone is regulating their lives. So much of that is hard to block out. But the more you can just be you, do you, I think the happier you are going to be.”

She also advises students to get involved at PVHS.

“Studies have shown, the more you are involved, the more successful you are and have higher grades and higher academics. So please, please, please get involved. I was involved in cheer, dance, and track in high school. It turns everything around when you are connected and involved in something bigger than yourself!”

“She cares about our school. She wants the kids to have the best possible experience at PV High. She cares and wants what is best for everyone,” said Tyner.

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