Students Shine with Style

Isabella Firmani, Writer

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(Photo courtesy of Chloe Dowling)

PVHS sophomores Chloe Dowling and Ife Ibraheem took their passions and used them to create their own online magazine called Project Unique. Their main focus is to shine a light on one way people look to express themselves through their clothes.

All around the world, it seems that no two people have the exact same items of clothing, and even if they did, everyone tends to have their own unique way of mixing and matching to make their own special style. In this project, Dowling and Ibraheem combine their fashion and photography skills to work with other teenagers around the South Bay and illuminate what others may look over daily.

In Ibraheem’s eyes, her main goal with this project is “to elevate different people’s styles and ideas.” Students can find the content of Project Unique on Instagram, and there is also a website reached through the link attached to the Instagram account.

Each month, a new person is focused on to go into depth about their style, such as favorite looks throughout the different seasons. This makes the project a bit more personal to one student, rather than looking at a majority of girls with similar styles.

The one thing Dowling and Ibraheem want people to realize from this project is how important it is to “stay true to yourself because you’re perfect the way you are, and you need to embrace who you are, what you are, and how you were created.”

Emma Saul, who is also a PVHS sophomore, took part in one of Dowling and Ibraheem’s recent photoshoots and commented on what it is like being involved in a project like this: “The environment of a photoshoot with them is really easy and fun… It doesn’t really feel stressful at all.”

Being a close friend of both Dowling’s and Ibraheem’s, Saul is incredibly proud of them for collaborating to make such an inspirational project, believing that it will “make a lot of teenagers want to embrace their style and feel more comfortable in their clothes,” aligning perfectly with the founders’ goals.

As fashion and photography are two subjects in which many people find both comfort and passion, this project may cause new sparks in a teen’s heart about how to use these subjects to show who they are, inside and out. By simply creating this online magazine, Dowling and Ibraheem could be offering inspiration to kids all over to jump into — or even set new — trends.

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