The Key to Balancing School and Sports

McKinley Pieper, Photo Editor

What is the secret to balancing sports and a rigorous academic schedule? PVHS students Carter Harrigan, Fritz Mulkey, and Rachel Post all have one thing in common. Every night, they write down tomorrow’s schedule and a list of their homework. Not only are they disciplined and organized, but also, they never procrastinate. 

Junior Carter Harrigian balances four AP classes while participating on the CIF championship cross-country team and the soccer team. 

 “I write and plan out my schedule the night before for the following day.” 

He adds, “I get my school work done right when it needs to get done and don’t procrastinate. It is difficult to do things at the last minute, especially if there is an unexpected sports commitment.” 

Harrigian is dedicated to his studies and sports teams. Soccer and cross country “have been really fun. It is a lot of hard work as we practice multiple hours a day. It is worth it, despite all my academic requirements. I am getting to know a good group of guys and girls and it is fun to be part of a team and a brotherhood.” 

Harrigian is also involved in Los Hermanos, Model UN, Science Research, and BTC. 

He would like to study business or finance at a “college that rewards [his] hard work. Playing a sport in college would be really a really fun experience.” If he had more time in the day, he would appreciate hanging out with his family and relaxing.

Freshman Fritz Mulkey plays for PVHS’s basketball and lacrosse teams and takes several honors classes and AP World History. He reveals his secret to success. 

“I write down all my homework and write how much time each activity will take. It is challenging to balance sports and getting good grades.” 

Mulkey loves being on the lacrosse and basketball teams because “they are both super fun environments with a lot of hard-working kids.” 

He was thrilled to have earned a spot on the basketball team, which he claims to be his biggest accomplishment. Not only does Mulkey hope to play sports in college, but he also wants to continue playing the baritone saxophone. If he had more time in the day, he would hang out with friends more. 

Sophomore Rachel Post, balances honors and AP classes and a deep commitment to the PVHS tennis team who won the Bay League Championship, the Gold State Championship, and the Point Loma Championship this year. Post always writes down a list of her homework and the next day’s schedule. She makes use of any free moment she has. 

“I spend many lunches in the library,” Post said. 

Post appreciates her teammates and the atmosphere of the varsity tennis team. “We have a lot of great girls and I enjoy developing relationships and memories with them,” Post said. 

Post would love to play tennis in college and is interested in studying criminal sociology. She is currently a member of BTC and National Charity League. If she had more time in the day, she would “love to spend more time with friends, family, and [her] dogs.”