Music Made by Miyashita

Gracie Hsieh, Writer

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 “The guitar is like a pair of wings for me. I know it sounds corny but when I’m playing, I feel like I’m in a world all by myself where I can fly,” said junior Joe Miyashita. 

“I have the ability to fearlessly spill out all my emotions whether that’s joy, sorrow, pain, excitement, or any emotion for that matter.”

Miyashita’s wings were able to grow due to his father’s influence.  

“My dad is a professional guitarist, I would see him practice 12 hours day and play with so much passion; I respect him so much,” said Miyashita.

Listening to his father play guitar and watching a live concert of Gary Moore on YouTube inspired him to start playing on his own and pursue a new passion. 

“It was a what-if moment where I pictured myself performing in front of others and getting girls,” he said, laughing. 

He got into playing guitar in October of his sophomore year and consistently practiced 1-3 hours a day. 

From the very start of his endeavor, his father would teach him skills to help him succeed.

“I was really picking stuff up and connecting with the music.”

 His father is critical but always wants the best for him and him to thrive. He began by playing rock music and blues. 

“For me I equate it to flying. I feel like the guitar listens to my emotions, and energy flows through me.” 

When he was having a blue day, he was able to be him and express his feelings in a healthy through playing music. Currently, Miyashita knows over 350 songs and practices his passion every day. 

When playing guitar Joe feels a strong connection to his muse.

“In a sense, I consider it a type of therapy. I love playing the guitar and I think that music is one of the biggest reasons why I am able to be who I am,” Miyashita said.

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