To Winter Formal and Beyond

January 31, 2018

On January 27, students attended the Winter Formal in the California Science Center in Exposition Park.

This unique venue contributed to the event’s space theme, as the room in which Sea Kings danced is home to Endeavour, a retired space shuttle which was once in orbit.

Another unique aspect of the venue occurred at the entrance to this room: as students entered the main room, they walked through a corridor whose walls and ceilings were lined with fish tanks, creating a feeling of being within the fish habitat.

The main attractions included airbrush tattoos, dancing, and food.

Every student had a different experience: while some students, such as junior Francesca Ramos, favored the dance itself, others, such as junior Austin Ota, favored the memories made during the transportation to the event.

Junior Skylar McVicar enjoyed both aspects equally. All three students were first-time Winter Formal attendees, and all three students’ expectations were surpassed.

“This was my first Formal, so I was kind of scared that there were going to be cliques… but it was all really friendly,” said Ota.

In the typical PV High manner, students embraced an opportunity to spend time with one another and exhibited inclusive behavior.

Ramos had a similar experience, as her attendance of the formal meant an opportunity to see her friends in a non-school setting and to let loose after finals, as the experience of finals was still a lingering memory.

“It was really fun,” Ramos said. “There was a big turnout, and I’m really excited for what they have in store for next year, because I’m sure it will be even better.”

McVicar decided to attend after having had a great time at homecoming.

“It exceeded my expectations because the setting was really cool, there was good dancing and a good DJ, and lots of snacks,” she said.

Winter Formal prep was a huge part of the event. Many students purchased or rented outfits specifically for the event, as all parts of one’s outfit had to be taken into consideration.

Ramos went to several stores in search of the perfect dress, McVicar bought new shoes and a new purse, and Ota rented a suit and learned how to tie a tie. Ota also put effort into making a poster to ask another Sea King to attend the dance with him.

This preparation was worth it, however. All three students plan to attend the event next year, and McVicar said she “would recommend Formal to everyone at PV.”


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