Resources for Seniors Applying to College

Naviance and senior packets are your best friends for the college application process.

Abby LaPine, Features editor

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With fall right around the corner, college seems to be the only thing seniors are taking about. Amongst the commotion comes much confusion, so open up your agendas and get ready to plan your way to college.


One of the most beneficial tools students are using to navigate through the college application process is the website Naviance. Naviance is a resourceful tool that has access to the requirements colleges are looking for along with data specific to students of PV High. This data includes how many students applied to what schools, how many were accepted, and how many attended schools. It has other great features such as the average GPA and test scores of PV students who were accepted to a particular college. Current PV students can see how they compare to those who have been previously accepted. Naviance is also great place to track your activities in the resume builder tab.


Senior Packets and Letters of Recommendation

After students have researched colleges of their interest they should begin to compile a list of their top 10-12 schools. This list can be diverse and should include safety, target, and reach schools. Joanne Lewis in the College and Career Center encourage students to “be realistic about what are your personal reach/target/safety schools are.” This helps students make sure that they are not only applying to all dream schools.

On the front page of the senior packet, which can be picked up in the office, entails the final list colleges you are applying to along with application deadlines, and the transcripts order forms which can be purchased for $8 in the student store. Inside the packet you will find a space to list the number of letters of recommendation needed per school. Seniors who need letters of recommendation from a counselor can fill out the form found on Naviance. In addition, if students need a letter of recommendation from a teacher they should begin asking now. Keep in mind most schools only allow a teacher who you had for an academic subject to write your letter. There are also optional questionnaires that can be filled out that will offer teachers more information on you which can be helpful or them when they write your letter.  

The due date for these Senior packets are November 4.  Although the college admissions process may seem daunting, the College and Career Center as well as the consolers welcome questions.  Lewis shared, “the college application process does not have to be a daunting task; in fact, it should be an exciting time for rising seniors as this is a great time to consider the next chapter in your own personal story!”

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