New Associate Principal

Kevin Bailey

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Since the recent dismissal of several Palos Verdes High School teachers and staff, there have been many new faces at our school. Although Jeremy Meadows is not new to PVHS, he is new to the position of Associate Principal. Meadows has worked in PVPUSD for a total of six years, five of the years being a special-ed resource teacher at Point Vicente and PV High. He was also the girls’ tennis coach for three years, and coached JV boys’ tennis for one year.
Casey Russ, a junior at PVHS who was coached by Meadows for tennis, thinks he was a really good tennis coach. “He made games really fun and was a big reason why people still had fun during the games. He also genuinely wanted us to get better at tennis,” Casey reported. Margaret Tajirian, a JV tennis player at PVHS who was also coached by Meadows thought that he was a great and fun coach. “He was great. He was really organized and prepared and always treated us like tennis family. He was really funny and he would take us to dinner after games even if we lost,”
Tajirian described. “Coaching-wise, he helped me and the other players who had only been playing for a couple years really improve. He taught us how to improve our serve and hits.” Tajirian also thought that Meadows had taught her some valuable lessons. “He showed us that even though sometimes you lose in a game you can still win in life by having fun with your friends.”During his time as a special education resource teacher, Meadows worked hard to create a good learning experience for his students. Colleague Leith Emery said, “Mr. Meadows was always very professional, kept things positive, and always looked out for the best solution for every student.”Meadows originally heard of his promotion in mid-June, and was given his contract on the first day of July. “I went to a school board meeting and had to give a speech to the school board. Eventually the board accepted my position after going through the interview process,” Meadows said. Since Meadows is brand new to his position, there were some things that surprised him. “Now I’m doing student discipline, so that is completely new to what I was doing before. You have kids who aren’t so happy with me, so that’s a bit of a shift.” Despite it being a little challenging, Meadows really enjoys his new position. “I’m able to work with the entire school now, opposed to usually working with only one department. It’s fun, I get to make a broader impact across the school.”

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