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Brooke Bessen, Staff Writer

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Meet Anthony Collins, Palos Verdes High School junior.  Collins used to spend time in Palos Verdes during the summer, but would return to Dubai to attend school.  You may know Anthony from the Sea Kings baseball team.  When asked about the differences between Dubai and Palos Verdes he said, “There are a lot of differences between PV and Dubai: there are more girls here, more things to do, the weather here is a lot cooler, (120 degrees in Dubai).”  Collins had to change multiple parts of his life when he decided to move to America full time when he decided to wanted to have a greater sporting experience in baseball.  Some of his changes include the sports he plays, the friends he has, a new community, and he even lives with different people.  “In Dubai, I liked to hang out with friends and play baseball and rugby. ”

Collins has some pretty cool stories going around about him: some may be true and some may be false.  Among these stories people have said he was a top ranked rugby player in Dubai, he got so fast by being able to race with cheetahs in the Arabian deserts; and he is able to run up and do flips on walls.  When asked, Collins replied, “yes two of these things are true, but come on I would never race a cheetah. ”

With so many changes throughout Collins life what has it been like for him?  “I truly feel gratefull to my parents ho have had to sacrifice a lot.  Even though I miss all of my friends in Dubai I still am having a great time here.”  In the last few years so many drastic changes have occurred and people often wonder how Collins has been able to cope with these changes.  “Well, I just try to be opened, happy, and willing to make new friends.”  Collins has changed the country he lives in, the family he lives with (he now lives with his grandpa), and the type of sports he plays; “in Dubai I use to play rugby and now I am more getting into playing baseball.”  Having these changes one may wonder why anyone would want to go through this?  “Well switching countries gave me a better education and a chance to play sports; the sports here are way more structured here than Dubai and I am truly enjoying every minute of it.”

Collins has gone through a lot of changes recently, but he has been able to make a pretty smooth transition into the United States due to his open mind and his lets give it a try attitude.  With so many drastic changes it would be really difficult.  What makes Collins so much different from everybody else? A major reason for Collins’ smooth transition is because of the summers he spent here with his grandparents while away from school on vacation.  People often look at someone and just stereotype them.  However, there are a lot more things you can learn from someone; but you need to ask them to find out.  If you ever happen to see Anthony why don’t you ask him to tell you a little bit about his experiences and what his life was like in Dubai?

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