A Not so Winter Wonderland

Courtney Gilbertson, Staff Writer

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As we finally break free of the heat spells of summer, winter break creeps right around the corner. To many Sea Kings, not only does this mean the holidays are quickly approaching, but it also means no school, and time for vacations. Some Sea Kings venture towards classic winter break spots, such as Mammoth and other snow destinations; however, some plan for a more exotic break.

Sophomores Layne Johnson and Maya Rao are among the classic vacationers. They are both traveling to cold locations, Colorado and Mammoth, for a white Christmas.  Rao, heading to Colorado, is looking forward to quite a snowy trip, “One year we went to Colorado and there was so much snow that they closed the roads, and we had to sleep at some high school until it was safe enough to drive!”  Johnson, heading to Mammoth, cannot wait to, “Shred some ‘gnarley’ slopes” and snowboard in a winter wonderland.
Some Sea Kings replace snow and Santa for palm trees and sun.  Sophomore, Hannah Rees, is flying all the way to Costa Rica for a fun filled trip in the jungle. Costa Rica, know for its incredible wild life, and beautiful beaches, is more than a perfect vacation spot.

Rees stated, “I’m so excited! I am going with my family, and we are going ziplining and surfing.” This tropical paradise is a perfect getaway from the cold, a warm haven in the middle of December.

While traveling to a different city can be exciting, some Sea Kings will be exploring a different continent this winter break.  PVHS Sophomore, Tanya Wadhawan, is traveling all the way to India to visit her family. In India, the holiday season is celebrated completely differently than in America.  Due to India’s  geographic diversity, Wadhawan plans to visit the northern cities Delhi and Bombay with cold climates, and some locations with warm temperatures as well.

Wadhawan stated, “I’m going all over the place, so a few of the places I’m visiting will still be really hot in the middle of December.”  Also, people in India do not celebrate Christmas like Americans, with outrageous light displays and parades; however, they still give presents.

Wadhawan can definitely expect a winter break unlike any other. She exclaimed, “I am really excited to see everyone, and also this year we are going to Agra where the Taj Mahal is located.  I’m really excited since it is one of the wonders of the world!”

Whether its snowboarding in Mammoth, experiencing culture in India, or soaking up the sun in Costa Rica, Sea Kings prove that the holidays do not always include snow and Christmas trees. From breaking out swimsuits, to bundling up in ski jackets, its time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the holidays.

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