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Come Meet “The Addams Family”

PVHS Drama Department Premieres Fall Play Starting October 27
(Photo by Chloe Choi)

The Palos Verdes High School  Drama Department is celebrating the month of October with a spooky Halloween-themed musical: “The Addams Family.”

This unique play incorporates several dance sequences, many musical numbers and comedic acting moments.  

“‘The Addams Family’ is a super fun musical that’s about families in all shapes and forms,” senior Rachel McGinty, who plays Wednesday Addams, said. 

“It’s about learning how to accept other people’s differences and learning how to accept yourself and embrace change.” 

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Seniors Jenny Grennan and Jake Weyrick, who play Wednesday’s parents in the production, have expressed how excited they are for the students here at PVHS to witness the finished product of their efforts invested in dance routines, singing and choreography. 

“I’m glad that I have a role where I get to not only act and sing, but I also get to be a big part of the dance numbers,” Grennan said. 

“One of my favorite things about musicals is the big flashy dance numbers.”

Along with Grennan, Weyrick enjoys the bigger role that he has earned.

 “This is definitely a show where I’ve sung the most, which is something that I love to do,” Weyrick said. 

The magic on the stage isn’t all due to the actors, but also due to the backstage crew. 

“The behind-the-scenes environment is often underappreciated, despite the remarkable work that goes into it,” director Nicole Thompson said. 

The play opens Oct. 27 and runs through Nov. 5. 

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