The Most Memorable Memes

Graydon Leongkaye and Noah Whang

2018 was a hectic and arguably disastrous year for the world. Luckily, we had memes to distract us from our problems. 

January had many memes, like the “Tide Pod” and “Ugandan Knuckles” meme. Although the fascination with Tide Pods started back in 2012 it gained notoriety because of the “Tide Pod challenge.” This was a challenge where people would film themselves eating tide pods and post it on the internet. 

Memes in February include the “Super Bowl selfie kid” meme and the “Change My Mind” meme. This started when Steven Crowder set a table at Texas Christian University. The table had a sign on the front that said, “Male privilege is a myth. Change my mind.” He tweeted a photo of himself sitting at the table grinning and holding a coffee mug.

March memes included “Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover is history” meme and the “Gru’s plan” meme. Other memes from March include the “savage Patrick” meme and the “American Chopper argument” meme.

A meme that was nationally popularized in April was the “yodel boi” meme. This started when someone filmed Mason Ramsey in a Walmart yodeling. People eventually made remixes out of his yodel.

May memes included the “Is This A Pigeon?” meme and the “We Live in A Society” meme. As a result of the popularity of Avengers: Infinity War the I don’t feel so good meme also was popularized in May. This was a meme from near the end of Avengers: Infinity War. At the end of the movie as Spiderman was disintegrating into dust he says “I don’t feel so good.”

June memes include the *slaps roof of the car* meme and “Boar Vessel” meme. Earlier in the summer the most anticipated Smash Brothers game was announced for the Nintendo Switch. The title would include everybody from previous games. 

The “Polite Cat” memes and “Handshake” memes became popular in July. The illustration is of two muscular arms engaged in a handshake. That illustration was made in 2012 based of a scene in Predator, but was popularized in June/late May.

Memes from August include the “To All The Boys…” meme and “Celebrity full name” meme. Another meme popularized in August was the “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa” meme. This meme is from an animated YouTube video.

September had a wide variety of memes. Some of these memes are the “Bongo Cat” meme, “Netflix Adaptations” meme, “Moth” meme, and the “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys” meme. “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys” was originated in a song by Falling in Reverse in 2012. Another meme from September was the “Weird Flex but Ok” meme. This meme was used in response to people bragging about incredibly absurd things.

October memes included the “Thank You, Next” meme and the “Let’s Get This Bread” meme. “Let’s get this bread” was a line in a song originally made in March of 2007. The song this comes from the song “Let’s Get This Paper” by Rich Boy. Although this originated over 10 years ago, it gained popularity in October with the help of October 16th being World Bread Day.

Memes in November include the “Surprised Pikachu” meme and the “They did surgery on a grape” meme. The original video shows a grape undergoing surgery is from a hospital in Illinois. This video was originally from 2010 and was a way to show off the new state of the art robotic surgery. 

The spontaneous nature of what has comedic value is often unpredictable. But the memes haven’t slowed down and will never stop. Hopefully, 2019 will be able to provide us with laughs to bring us a little joy in this cruel world.