Halloween Goes Off Without a Hitch

Michael Liu, Staff writer

In previous years, Seniors have not put PVHS in the best of light on Halloween. According to Principal Dr. Charles Park, “Since the reopening in 2002…I just believe every year we could have done better. Even if one student tells me that another student…made me feel less than I should, then we weren’t successful.”

This year, Park and administrators wanted to ensure that this Halloween would be different, so they communicated to Seniors clear expectations and guidelines for behavior on October 31. For Park, his expectations for seniors this year was for “students [to be] respectful to each other, and [for] no one [to see] anything negative.”

On Halloween morning, students throughout the campus were anxiously wondering what might befall them at the hands of seniors. Last year, some seniors threw sardines, raw eggs, and shaving cream at underclassmen. After zero period, seniors were everywhere. Boys sprinted from opposite sides of campus with horns, recorders, and PA horns. Many senior girls wore inflatable centaur costumes, while guys were dressed as event security guards. The boys also came in riding on scooters, skateboards, and bikes.

Weeks of preparation had gone into choosing the perfect senior Halloween costumes. Group chats were created for senior boys and girls to vote on a costume.w

“It was really difficult actually. So many ideas were proposed and we agreed on different ideas many times,” said senior Shalyz Shahidi.

“We tried to pick something that wasn’t offensive and could still be funny if we weren’t throwing something.”

In the end, Katherine Macleod came up with the idea of the senior girls wearing inflatable centaur costumes.

For the guys, senior boy Adam Vuilleumier said, “After probably around 3,000 texts, we finally decided to be security guards…the main reason we did it was to make a joke about how the school always hires extra security for Halloween.”

Some other costume ideas that the senior boys were contemplating were professional boogie boarders, graduates, and American Revolutionary War soldiers.

In the end, “almost everyone was happy with the results and had a good Halloween,” said senior Kyleigh Follis.

According to Park, “I felt Halloween was much better this year.  Faculty and staff helped immensely and it took a village to make today a festive and positive day.”

Grace Kensik
Boys charge in on wheels
Shalyz Shahidi
Girls gather for a group photo in thier costumes