Palos Verdes High School Musical

Alysia del Campo

High School Musical, the movie everyone secretly loves, is being performed by the Palos Verdes High School Drama Department on April 17-19, and 23-26, 2015. High School Musical takes place at East High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is about two high schoolers, Gabriella and Troy. Gabriella is a brand new student at East High, while Troy is a well established jock. The two meet over winter break on a ski trip, and connect when singing karaoke together on New Years Eve. Surprisingly, they meet once again when school starts, and immediately sparks fly. They both tell each other they should try out for the winter musical, but neither have the courage to. Sharpay, the big star of the drama club, refuses to let anyone take her spot or join in her productions. However, the two end up auditioning with each other with the help of Kelsi, the pianist and writer of the school musical. Sharpay is disgusted when she sees that Troy and Gabriella are on the callback list, and she comes up with a plan to have the callbacks of the drama club  the same day as the big basketball game Troy is playing in and the academic decathlon Gabriella is involved in. With the help of their friends Troy and Gabriella  manage to manage their crazy schedules and perform at the callbacks together.


Kyrra Thiel, a senior at Palos Verdes High School, is playing the role of Kelsi in the show. When discussing her role in the musical Keira stated, “I’m very excited because this is very different than I normally had the chance to play and I really liked Kelsi in the movies.”


Marina Teague, also a Senior at Palos Verdes High School said, “High School Musical is about finding where you belong and not about worrying about fitting into the ‘in’ crowd.” Teague is playing Sharpay,main star of the Theatre program at East High who will do anything to maintain her spotlight. Teague is very excited to play the “mean girl” and develop her talent as a well-rounded actor since Sharpay is not the usual role that she goes for. She is looking forward to going outside of her comfort zone and keeping her character bigger than life.


Amanda Nahin a drama student not in the production exclaimed, , “I can just say it is going to be a great show because everything Mrs.Thomson puts together is flawless!”
High School Musical is going to be a great show with great performers. It was a great movie and I eagerly anticipate seeing my favorite characters come to life right before my eyes. Get your tickets everybody!