Students’ Favorite Trends


“I like when American and British people make fun of each other on TikTok. I lived in London and the United States of America so it is funny to see the different perspectives the different areas have on each other.”

Leyton Wolfe (10)

“My favorite trend is the Academic Weapon movement founded by Bradley Kraut. #KickTheSheets has inspired an entire generation to do better and to become academic weapons.”

Nathan Chavira (11)

“I really like the TikTok slideshows I’ve been seeing, the ones that have something to do with the ‘indomitable human spirit.’ I find them entertaining because in most cases it’s simply made for the purposes of making the viewer laugh, but sometimes they really do make you feel indomitable.”

– Arshia Maleki (12)

“My favorite trend is low rise jeans, long sleeves and platform converse. I like this trend because it’s unlike other fashion [trends]. It’s a throwback to the 2000’s and other eras combined. It can also be diverse instead of wearing the same basics.”

  Anna Pilato (9)

“Well as an artist I’m a bit biased to say I really enjoy art trends on TikTok. Like, I enjoyed people animating their characters doing the same dances. It shows off how different artists take on the same challenges. It really shows how art style and technique affect a product even if you’re given the same template or guide as everyone else; it shows off the creativity of individuals.”

– Ari Tousey (11)

“I really like theory videos about books I like. When I enjoy a book I like to get as much content from the story as possible and I like to hear other people’s ideas and theories about the story.”

– Michelle Nikmehr (10)

“My favorite trend on social media was the Duolingo account and everything surrounding it. This was from around earlier this year but in a lot of TikToks, the Duolingo account would make funny threats to people who haven’t done their daily streak. Some things Duo would say would be ‘Spanish or vanish,’ ‘French or the trench,’ etc.” 

– Jenyne Ebreo (10)