Rising Above Social Media’s Troublesome Tides

Eva Yancheson, Reporter

Escaping social media’s grasp proves a rare and difficult task in today’s society, especially for teens and students. 

Still, is this something we should be ignoring? 

The collective population of the world seems conflicted on the effects of social apps, and whether they will contribute to a more positive or negative future for our young generation. 

To protect themselves from succumbing to misinformation and negative influences, teenagers are learning to recognize and identify the falsities installed and advertised by social media. 

Corporations and apps use calculated strategies or algorithms to take advantage of young, impressionable minds, so it is important for users to realize that social media is not an accurate reflection of reality. 

Promotion of makeup products, for example, are often endorsed by “honest” reviews from an influencer for a trending product. 

The reality is that they simply are paid to make that video or post. 

Once revealed, the secrets of marketing on social media through trends and influencers no longer are able to make teens oblivious victims, but rather connoisseurs of the inevitable technological future.