“Sea King” to Do Good in the Community

Students share what they love most about volunteering


Community Helpline

“Community Helpline is a suicide prevention phone line run by volunteers.  People from all over the United States can call in and discuss their issues. The main goal of Helpline is to give people a space to talk. As volunteers, we are there to listen and ask the right questions. I think my favorite memories are whenever a caller is super grateful and thankful for the helpline. It makes my volunteer time feel worth it.”

Mia McCauley (12)


PV Land Conservancy

“The mission of PVPLC is to conserve and restore habitat for the education and enjoyment of all. We also lead guided nature walks and teach the public about conservation. We do various types of things to protect threatened native species and restore local habitats, such as removing invasive weeds, closing unauthorized spur trails, and planting native shrubs. I enjoy being able to work in the outdoors and helping our wildlife.”

Hannah Goharian (12)


Rescue Bae/ Carson Animal Shelter

“Rescue Bae takes in abandoned, sick, injured, old and young animals to save them. I fostered kittens for Rescue Bae to have a good home to help and nurture the animals until they could go up for adoption. Carson Animal Shelter takes in all types of animals and keeps and medically treats animals that do not have homes until they can be adopted. I have fostered for many years with the Carson Animal Shelter and I take the kittens who are too young to be at the shelter alone without their mothers. It makes me so happy to see the cats go off to new homes- it’s sad, but it’s also so nice to see that they’re healthy and well loved.”

Siena Snure (11)


Luna Peak Links

“The main goals of the Luna Peak Links are to support the Luna Peak foundation and to find our own pathways to support our community. We have about 17 active members, the majority of whom are from PVHS.  What I enjoy most about volunteering with the Luna Peak Links is having the freedom to organize our own events. We have meetings every month or so to discuss all of our ideas for what we may do later in the year and execute the ones we like the best.”

Luke Rafijah (11)


Los Amigos

“Our organization helps little kids in hospitals. Some things we do are go to different locations nearby and help kids. We recently made blankets to give to little kids in hospitals. One of my favorite memories was volunteering at the Dodger Stadium for a summer event.”

Matthew Liu (10)


National League of Young Men

“The program involves boys and their moms and promotes the development of young men into community leaders through leadership involvement, charitable and community service, cultural experiences, and protocol education. I enjoy being able to help out the community and others in need alongside some of my friends.”

Gunnar Kehrli (9)


National Charity League

“The main objectives of NCL are to better our community and create meaningful bonds with other NCL members. We are required to do a minimum of 40 hours of volunteering a year, but many of us do 100 to earn our Presidential Awards. I like volunteering with the NCL Peninsula Chapter because I have made a lot of friends through the organization and have had a lot of meaningful experiences volunteering for important causes. It’s also nice that it’s a mother-daughter organization because I rarely get to spend such quality time with my mom.”

Kelsey Turnbull (11)


PV Assembly

“The two main purposes of PV Assembly are ballroom etiquette and civic engagement.  Assembly teaches different styles of ballroom dancing and etiquette for manners. Community service is required and it is 20 hours a year. What I like about Assembly is that if you are behind in volunteer hours, they give a lot of opportunities to catch up at any volunteer events like food drives, candy drives and the South Bay Botanical Garden.”

Sam Malekzadeh (12)


Los Hermanos

“At Los Hermanos, we volunteer at various places and help out anywhere we can.  Some of my favorite memories come from volunteering at the Valmonte Garden. I enjoy helping the community the most. It feels good to give back to a place where you grew up.”

Oscar Park (11)