The Breakfast Club

Camilla Manis, Writer

Teacher appreciation week took place March 4th through the 8th, sponsored by Palos Verdes High PTSA.

Throughout the week, organizations like ASB and BTC highlighted our teachers’ hard work and showed admiration for all they do for students in and out of the classroom.

It started on Monday, with a nice breakfast of bagels and yogurt and went on until Friday, when hot coffee was provided for teachers to start their morning. The PTSA supplied commodities like these daily as a little compensation for all the appreciation this school has for their teachers.

Teachers here at PV High School, along with those at many other schools, have committed themselves to expanding students’ knowledge and preparing young minds for their futures.

During the course of the whole school year, the staff do whatever they can to teach essential subjects and concepts. So, although this week event is not the largest or most promoted celebration on a campus, it is definitely a nice reminder to the teachers that they are a very special part of the school.

Ideally, every week would be teacher appreciation week.

All the goodies and yummy snacks are just a small token of appreciation, because teachers make the students’ education possible.