Staff Behind the Scenes

Grace Hsieh, Writer

Most students at PV High aren’t here to see the work that goes into setting the school’s foundation. Take a deeper look into the lives of the people who keep the school alive and running.

Tech Aids

Anthony Boich –  We help students with any technical issues, lots of password resets, with downloading software to their devices, and log-in issues in the computer lab. This is my third year here at PVHS. I like working out, dates with my girlfriend, and visiting my son in college.


Patrick Perez – We also help students and teachers with their classroom technology. If a class is watching a movie, we make sure the projector is working, help students with account issues like Office 365 and any software they need help downloading. I started in October and am about to enter my sixth month at PVHS. My favorite part of working here is helping the teachers and students get any technical issues fixed and helping them learn as well. I like going out to concerts, going out to eat, buying shoes, and having fun.


Olivia Carrasquillo – I help the students here by keeping them safe. I also help them with parking and act almost like a counselor. Students will come to me with their problems and I’ll try to advise them as best as I can. I try to help in any way I can. I’ve been at PVHS for three years. My favorite part of working here is interacting with students, the staff, the view, and the calm environment. I spend time with my daughter outside of school taking her to soccer practice and to the park.

Library Circulation Clerk

Meggan Robles – I help students with printing needs, textbooks, distribution, and helping them find free reading books. I started in the summer of 2016. My favorite part of working at PVHS is interacting with students and the atmosphere. It’s very lively and friendly. I love the staff and it’s a very nice family environment. I have four children and I am always busy with them with sports and their own activities. I do enjoy doing crafts like woodwork, because I try to bring out a creative side in myself. I do also enjoy cars and my husband has a couple classic cars that we like working on.

Student Support Specialist

Kelli Washington – I’m a licensed therapist on campus, so I’m able to provide on-campus support to students who might be having a hard time. I provide students with a comfortable, non-judgmental environment, that allows them to be open and honest about what might be going on and how I can help. I teach kids coping skills, ways to manage difficult emotions, how to better communicate, and just overall provide a space to talk about life! I have been at PVHS since the beginning of this school year. I moved to California over the summer from Utah. My favorite part about working at the school is being able to interact with students on a regular basis. I can intervene a lot sooner when I’m on campus with them everyday!

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, going to the beach, working out, and traveling!


Sean Kim – Everyday I put 110% into working at the school. The students are important to me, education is very important. I don’t mind cleaning up and helping the kids and keeping the school safe and clean. It’s very exciting to do my job always thinking about the students. I’ve been in the district for almost 20 years. I used to work at Peninsula and when the school reopened I moved back to PVHS. My favorite part is keeping the classrooms and bathrooms clean for the students and teachers, as well as making sure the students are always safe. When I’m outside of school, I always work around the house and help my wife. I love visiting my son and daughter in college.