The Do’s and Don’t’s of Romance

Camilla Manis, Writer

For those who are confused on what is and is not appropriate to do in your romantic life, here is a list that will enlighten you all. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, have had multiple significant others or none, there are always things to be learned to make one’s acquaintances survive, grow, and not end in hatred.  

DO: Buy your significant other flowers and chocolate for special occasions

DO: Respond to your significant others texts in reasonable timing

DO: Spice up your relationship from time to time

DO: Go on spontaneous dates

DO: Show that you care about them


DON’T: Break up with your significant other on their birthday

DON’T: Ghost them (come on, there are better ways to end it)

DON’T: Cheat on them with their best friend

DON’T: Lie about what you’ve done or are going to do

DON’T: Run over their dog and try to hide it