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Cross Country Dominates CIF

Claire Hardesty, Writer December 21, 2018

As autumn nears its end, our elite sport teams moved on to their next battle: CIF.  One sport that had an excellent run at CIF was Cross Country.  Cross Country is a regular for CIF qualifications...

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Rodney Rolls with the Tide

Isabella Ruiz, News Editor December 21, 2018

Engrossed in the serenity and peace of the waves, one PVHS senior feels the time slow down as he barrels through the ocean.  Senior Rodney Buck, a gifted longboard and shortboard surfer, has been...

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Greg’s Got His Head in the Game

Gabby Rudy, Writer December 21, 2018

Dribbling down the court with his eyes on the basket and the sound of Red Tide erupting behind him, PVHS senior Greg Smart knew that starting in last year’s PV versus Peninsula basketball game would...

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Winter Sports Take Off

Nikki Ringer, Writer December 21, 2018

Going into the same division as past years, Boys’ Basketball has ten wins and one loss so far this season, which is better than last years season.  “Our team was prepared early this year starting...

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Playing Off the Court

Seren Cho, Copy Editor December 3, 2018

After three years of playing dedicated volleyball, senior Alaina Bucy integrated the sport into her life through other means. This year, Bucy has become a coach and manager for different teams on and off...

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Many Advance to CIF; XC Wins

Graydon Leongkaye, Writer December 3, 2018

When the fall season of athletics began drawing to a close, many teams began preparing for the annual CIF playoffs. This is an opportunity for teams from all sports to prove themselves and end the...

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PV Brings Home the W Against Pen

Emily Typrowicz, Assistant Sports Editor December 3, 2018

The PV-Pen game has been an annual tradition on the hill for years. It is a great way to settle the rivalry of the two high schools, but it also brings the whole community together in an exhilarating way....

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XC Heads to the Races

Claire Hardesty, Writer October 22, 2018

When the starting gun fired, the start of an infamous fight between the best schools throughout California for the title of State Champion began. Cross Country is a sport that doesn’t just challenge...

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Roughing the Passer?

Ethan King, Writer October 22, 2018

The NFL recently implemented a new addition to the “roughing the passer” rule. Their reasoning for this was to protect quarterbacks from injuries that can be sustained from a defensive player putting...

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Stat Students Play Fantasy Football

Nikki Ringer, Writer October 22, 2018

Fantasy football is always an annual tradition every year once the NFL season starts. Players get fantasy leagues ready and teams have to be set. Teams are picked in a simulated draft and the lineup...

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A “Ben” of All Trades

Noah Whang, Sports Editor October 22, 2018

As a kid, Ben Davidson always wanted to be a quarterback. Davidson’s love for athletics was introduced to him at a young age. Growing up as a San Diego Chargers fan, he loved watching players like LaDainian...

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NBA Season is Back

Curtis Liu, Writer October 22, 2018

With the NBA season starting again, we will take a look at the best moves of the offseason and the most exciting teams to watch. On July 1st, 2018, Lebron James’ management company Klutch Sports announced...

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