Beach Goth: Halloween’s Music Festival

Fiona K., Writer

      There is a crossroad between ghosts and Gucci Mane.  That crossroad is located at Santa Ana’s most popular music venue, The Observatory.  Once a year since 2012, The Observatory has hosted a music festival known as Beach Goth.  Beginning as a small festival for a niche subculture of punk and surf-rock bands, Beach Goth has encouraged its attendees to dress up in Halloween costumes while enjoying their favorite bands.  Loyal festival-goers wear their wackiest costumes, creating a music atmosphere unique from others.  

      Beach Goth, this year taking place on October 22nd and 23rd, has evolved from its first establishment.  Its sub-genre artists have broadened into genres and those genres have increased, while still pleasing its original audiences.  This has popularized the festival, allowing virtually any teenager, ridden with angst or not, to happily attend.  This year’s line-up has attracted many featuring popular artists like Bon Iver, King Krule, Kali Uchis, and Gucci Mane.  Additionally, artists from the past return to the stage; the “No Scrubs” group TLC as well as Violent Femmes will be making appearances this weekend in Orange County.  The festival is also hosting cover artists for nostalgia’s sake including Moving Units who will be playing Joy Division and Wild Child performing music by The Doors.  Reading the lineup, it may shock some to see that even non-musicians are performing.  The stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race are listed, and audiences will have to wait and see what the queens have in store for this weekend.

      Palos Verdes High School students have frequented the festival in the past.  Attending Beach Goth in 2014, Senior Evan Christman recorded his experience memorable stating, “There’s a super wide variety of people who go to beach goth. Seeing so many people come together to listen to music is inspiring”.  Albert Peacock, a senior, dressed as a tourist for the festival in 2014 and described the scene to be “rambunctious” yet he enjoyed the experience and noted the bands as being “really good”.  The festival is truly a melting pot of music and scenes, unifying all lovers of costumes and concerts, encouraging listeners to break out of their shell and experience a variety of performances.