Hakuna Matata!! – The Lion King to be Remade

Jacob Dominguez, Writer

     Fresh off the roaring success of The Jungle Book, Disney is looking to adapt one of their most successful movies into live action, The Lion King. On Wednesday, the day of the announcement it was announced that the film will be directed by Jon Favreau, the director of The Jungle Book and Iron Man, and will be made through a mixture of computer generated imagery and photorealistic environments much like the one seen in The Jungle Book.

     Walt Disney Studios will bring back the story of Simba’s rise to power to introduce to a new generation of kids and will look to touch upon them the same way it has touched upon people of the previous generation. Much like past live action adaptations of Disney animated films, the premise between the new and original films will most likely be identical but with added in surprises and twists to make the new one stand out on it’s own, but also feature the original’s songs as well. One thing however that is unique about this film is that unlike the previous live action adaptations of Disney animated films, this film will most likely not feature humans at all, making the film be completely cgi.

     But will fans feel the love of this new film? Fans everywhere have greeted the news with excitement and concern, as purists consider it impossible to recapture the original’s Disney magic. Yet with Jon Favreau behind the camera, the film has the power of a mighty lion to capture that magic and bring wonders to it.

     Overall, with Jon Favreau onboard and stunning visual effects at play, the film will prove that after 22 years it is still a powerful coming of age story with a strong message of family and good vs evil, and will capture the audience’s hearts once again into the circle of life again.