Surf’s Up?

Nicole Mar, Staff Writer

Living next to a beach and being able to surf everyday surely demonstrates the perks of living in sunny California. And this perk has become incorporated into our school with an exciting class: “Surfboard Shaping.” Since it was created approximately seven years ago by former teacher, Mr. Herbst, “the surfboard shaping class has improved [immensely],”states Mr. Pinkelman. However, after Mr. Herbst left PV High, the supplies to create surfboards were destroyed; And when Mr. Pinkelman took over, there was much to do, especially the surfboard shack. Last year, Mr. Pinkelman and his students worked on building a facility to create surfboards. After this facility was finished, the surfboard shaping class was brought back. With only “twelve students taking the class,” surfboard shaping has a very relaxed, friendly environment. These students learn from various surfboard shapers such as former student and professional shaper, Zach Stafford. Stafford “comes in once a week to give input to students” and to instruct students on shaping their boards.

Austin Yu, a senior at PV High, was intrigued after a friend, “shaped a surfboard last year and brought [him] surfing.” With a free period, Yu was able to quickly pick up surfboard shaping. The “laid-back environment” is great for a fun time, and everyone, especially the experienced board shapers, are always willing to help out. “Knowing that you are able to make a board for yourself is a really cool aspect about the class,” Yu continues, “surfing is a lot of fun even though it may be hard at first.” Even if you do not know how to surf you can always learn, especially if you make your own surfboard, which Yu recommends to “try out.”

As there are many surfers so close to the beach, there are also many students who want to try out this class. “I haven’t fulfilled my art requirement and I love to surf,” Brooke Allen reveals, “It seems really interesting and I think it would be really cool to have a surfboard I made myself.” As an art class, the possibilities of styles are endless in regards to making your own surfboard.

But even if you don’t surf, this class is still an interesting way to learn a new art. “I live so close to the beach but I’ve never surfed before,” Monica Mehra states, “Maybe if I shaped my own surfboard I would. Especially because I’ve always wanted to learn.” Anyone can take this class, whether or not you surf. The surfboard shaping class is fun, easy going, and interesting. This class is for anyone who surfs, wants to learn how to surf, or just wants to make a surfboard; Be sure to check it out!