Class Council Captures Student Voice

Gabriella Rudy, Writer

This past month, ASB decided to AS-Bring in new ideas, opinions and viewpoints by welcoming any interested Sea Kings to attend a newly instated class council meeting. These meetings are a way for students to voice any concerns or proposals they may have (regarding ASB or PV High as a whole) to the executive board of ASB, who then decides if their requests are to be implemented. Meetings are held in room 302, and the discussion forum type setting allows students to feel comfortable speaking their minds, even if they haven’t been to a class council meeting before.

“We’ve only had one meeting so far, but both the turnout and feedback we received were better than we expected,” ASB President Hadley Richards said. “Some of the ideas that were presented have already been implemented with great results.”

One of the main issues that Sea Kings brought to ASB’s attention was the fact that some spirit days are difficult to dress up for, which is why many students opt out of dress up days entirely.

“One of my suggestions was for ASB to plan days that everyone can dress up for with clothing and accessories they already own, like jerseys and hats,” junior Dane Dawson said, a first-time class council attendee, whose tip has already become a reality.

But what makes class council such an important addition to our campus is the inclusivity it provides. Unlike ASB itself, joining class council requires no application or interview process, so students are encouraged to take part in meetings whenever they can.

“Every contribution made is a positive one,” senior Sara Atashi said. “So I think it’s super beneficial that issues on campus are made known to us, so we’re able to address them.”

The next class council meeting is slated to be held sometime this month, so keep your ears open for when the official date is announced.