JV Coach Steps Up

Camila Manis, Writer

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As the rosters for the 2018-2019 girls’ soccer team came out, many players wondered whether longtime varsity coaches Sean Lockhart and Jack Gidney would be returning. Since August, young coach Oliver Walsh, who was previously the junior varsity coach, has been moved into the head coach position as Lockhart and Gidney coach for Cal State Dominguez Hills. Although Walsh does not have the experience of the previous head coaches, players believe his passion has filled their shoes. 

“Ollie is hard on us, but at the same time he creates a fun, fierce environment that makes us all play harder and work harder,” said senior soccer captain Morgan Izuno. 

There has been little information provided to the players within this program on the status of Lockhart and Gidney as coaches, but no matter what their plan is, Walsh is taking the reins. 

“They will return, but the last couple of months they have left me to handle the team, in regards to rosters and other crucial preparations,” said Walsh. 

Players were left in the dark on this matter for so long, but according to Walsh it is now confirmed that Lockhart and Gidney still hold the head coaching positions. Walsh is just being added into the mix and being put into a higher, more significant role than he has previously held as JV coach. 

“Even if on record, Ollie does not have the head coaching title for varsity, in our eyes he is in charge, ” said senior Giuliana Morger. 

Unlike the past years, this season will be more competitive on the field and within the team itself. The team has grown closer, but everyone will be constantly fighting for a spot each practice and game. With these changes Walsh has higher hopes for the success of the team.

“My main goal is to create a respectful relationship between players and coaches and also, the goal for season and every varsity coach is to receive the CIF title,” said Walsh. 

As Walsh steps away from JV, new positions emerge in the lower levels. Last year’s frosh coach, Robert Alba, has gone on to take over the junior varsity team.

This then leaves the frosh coaching spots open for new coaches and new perspectives. 

Overall, this year will not be like any in the past.  

From the devotion the coaches and players will give, to the recently developed tactics that the new coaches are incorporating in day to day practices, makes the teams’ future promising.

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