Playstation Reigns as the Superior Console

John Kim, Writer

Console users have long debated which company makes the best console. A few years ago, people’s opinions were split between Xbox and Playstation (PS); however, with the introduction of Nintendo’s Switch, another new viable option entered the competition.

Although each console has its respective perks and shortcomings, Playstation is the best console among the three.

The best strength of the Playstation brand is its reputable PS-specific games.

One of 2018’s most highly regarded game Spider-Man is only available to PS users as Sony owns the right to the well-loved, famous character. Other PS specific games include the God of War franchise.

The Persona franchise also used to be only available on PS before the advent of Nintendo Switch.

In addition, Playstation is the best selling console currently on the market (62.45% market share).

Though the tide seems to be shifting, most games do not support cross-platform functionality, meaning that people are more or less locked into a specific platform (console).

Of course, there are arguments against the excellence of Playstations. Playstation’s hardware lacks behind its main competitor, Xbox.

Xbox One can handle 4096 x 2160 pixels (4K) and high-dynamic-range (HDR) content, while the comparable PS4 can only handle up to FHD (full high definition) content. Also, Xbox One X offers 12GB of GDDR5 (a type of graphics card memory); on the other hand, PS4 Pro provides 8GB.

As for the Switch, since its release in 2017, it has seen a surge in its popularity, and some believe that it is the best console. Its main strength lies in its capability to provide flexible play environments.

People can carry the Switch wherever they want, and at home, they can sync it to their TV to have a traditional console experience.

The Switch, though lacking in hardware and game options currently, combines traditional console experience and Nintendo’s signature portability truly effectively.

Switch also seems to be the most “social” console due to its many multiplayers games like Mario Kart, and its ability to share one device with others.

Despite the strengths of other consoles, Playstation still reigns superior. Nintendo’s Switch falls significantly behind in hardware (having only 32GB of default storage) and game options (at least currently until more developers create Switch-compatible games).

Xbox’s superior specs are not completely necessary for most games. Playstations can handle popular games more or less as well as Xboxes can. Buying an Xbox also means missing out on amazing games options only available to the PS brand.

Returning to the crux, Playstation is the best console currently available on the market. Compared to Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Switch, it offers the best overall package: superb PS specific games, satisfactory components, highest market share, and good build quality.

However, any sort of glory found in consoles significantly lag behind in the presence of a PC.

PCs can do everything consoles could do and do a lot more. For example, people can have a complete control over their PCs’ components. PCs are not only limited to gaming, but they can also serve as a workstation for people like graphic designers and video editors.

In addition, owning a personally built computer gives a feeling of personal attachment, which is unobtainable from just buying a prebuilt console.

Though people can argue what the best console is however they want, they have to keep in mind that PCs will reign supreme ultimately.